Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ford Focus Remote Control

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focus_0305, originally uploaded by zombiejohniecash.

No photoshop was used in the creation of these shots. The result is great.


Laurie said...

That is cool lookin.

Vitike said...

Yes. If I'm right, it's the body of a remote control car from Tamiya. Just the bodywork.


paul hobbs said...

not true, i took that photo. it is a tamiya chasis, the photo was a two second shutter, one second in i hit full reverse causing the blur, resulting in the motion blur at the back. the translucent effect occurs becuase the light given off by the tarmac when the car is gone is greater than the light given off when the car is stationary.


Vitike said...

Oh!! Sorry. Thanks a lot Paul for your comment and congratulations for your job.

All the best.