Friday, October 15, 2010

Old car, Door County

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Bags said...

Lol. I saw something like this on American Pickers but a different color. A lot of people love collecting this type of cars. Not bad though. I bet they could sell it in an auction for a good price.

Sneakers said...

Umm... I actually saw that episode of American Pickers that you are talking about. It was a studebaker.

Bags said...

Yeah. So is this a studebaker? Looks like it right?

Car Detailing said...

Yes. I must agree that old cars are definitely a sight to see. I love seeing cars on old movies. A VW is very chic looking too. With a little car detailing, it would look vintage and cool. :)

air max said...

This is a real classic car! I like the color and...yes, a little detailing would make it look so cool.

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